Why a One-to-one Pilates Session is Well Worth Your Time

Last week, I went for a Pilates lesson at a very well-equipped pilates studio in Kuala Lumpur. I have been for group pilates mat exercises before and this time, it is a one-to-one session. After my first experience, I think a a one-to-one session is well worth the time and money. You'll know why if you read on.

When we started, the instructor noticed that I have an anteriorly tilted pelvis. In medical terms, this is called a lordotic spine. My mat pilates instructors in KL and Singapore have never noticed that.

Having a lordotic spine means my butt juts out. This is a very bad posture but all is not lost. It can be corrected.

According to the instructor, the spine is held up by our muscles so if I can learn to relax certain muscles and strengthen my abdominal and hamstring muscles, I will be able to correct the tilt.

Having a tilted pelvis is not a big deal but it sparked my interest because years ago, I went for a full medical checkup including pap smear and the doctor used the term Tilted Uterus to describe my womb. Now I am wondering if my uterus is tilted because my pelvis is tilted. 1 in every 5 women have a tilted uterus which usually corrects itself during pregnancy.

Because of the tilted pelvis, I had a hard time getting into the basic pilates positions. As an example, I couldn’t roll down my back, vertabra by vertabra, as instructed. Instead, I thump my entire back on the floor.

I kept the instructor very busy with all the corrections she had to do to my body. So much so that I only managed to get into four positions in the 1.5 hours I was there! It was a one-hour session that stretched longer than expected). It must have been quite a stressful 1.5 hours for the instructor even though she didn’t show any sign of it.

It is a huge difference from the group mat exercise where you keep switching to the next position according to the upbeat vocal instruction without ever knowing if you have performed the previous one precisely. Pilates does require precision.