What You Shouldn’t Eat on Your First Date

I've been coughing mildly (I'm a dainty lady) for almost a month now so to kill all the germs once and for all, this is what my mum made.

French bread slathered with thick layers of garlic!

This food reminds me of an ad for McDonald's I saw when I was in Uni.

A geeky teenage boy was driving a sweet teenage girl out for their first date. You could tell he was jittery, he probably wasn't sure how to break the ice, they were both really quiet in the car.

Then they got to the McDonald's drive-thru. He nervously asked what she'd like to have. She calmly replied, "Cheeseburger, No Onions," and looked at him meaningfully.

His eyes almost fell out of its sockets. His face widened into the brightest smile you've ever seen, it was so sweet. Then he ordered, "2 Cheeseburgers, No Onions", for both of them. Sighhh…

Even when he was driving out of the drive-thru, he still had this silly grin on his face. Then the McDonald’s jingle played, with the tagline, "We love to make you smile."

Thank goodness Nic and I have been together for some time so I could devour all the onions and garlic anytime I like. :lol: