How Dogs Fall In Love

When you get a new dog, the most important thing you must do with him is to build a bond. Spend some time with the little guy, play with him, treat him to biscuits, bring him out for walks; just do whatever you can to help him know you are a person he can trust.

When Charise first arrived, it was a challenge to bond with her because Dino was hate-filled with jealous rage. When my brother reached out to pat her head, Dino pounced and closed his powerful jaws over her neck, leaving her with four bleeding punctures. He terrified a young dog who have just arrived.

From then on, we could only bond with Charise when Dino was not around. I would trick Dino by getting him to guard the front of the house. While he is busy, I would catch hold of Charise and lead her to the opposite end of the house.

At this quiet place, I would sit with her, brush her beautiful fur, stroke her velveteen cheeks, scratch behind her ear, tickle her soft breasts; while whispering her lovely name. "Charise... Charise..."

Eventually, Charise loved me back.

But I noticed something else. Besides loving me, Charise held a deeper desire for someone else. Charise was pining for the dog who is still begrudging her this house!

When Dino was patrolling around, Charise would longingly follow his trail. She would sniff the places where he had stepped and chase after him while hiding behind a wall. Keeping the distance required self-restrain on her part but she knew this was the only way for her to be near enough to see her beloved while remaining a safe distance from his jaws.

I watched how when Dino sleeps, Charise would sleep five feet away. Her lungs needed to be filled with his scent. One day, when Charise was asleep, Dino woke and leaped on her in a lightning-fast pounce. He pinned her to the ground! Charise squealed and whimpered, sending me running towards them at once.

I was about to order Dino off when I noticed something different about the way he was looking at her now. Despite the seeming violence, the anger that used to cloud his vision had evaporated and been replaced with a look of friendly inquisitiveness.

With Charise cowering and quaking under his paws, Dino started sniffing her up. I hid behind a pillar and watched as Dino sniffed her ears, her eyes and her nose. He trailed his nose down her spine and came to her butt. He spent a longer time sniffing her butt. Then, with a dismissive grunt, he let her go and went back to his patch of grass.

Within seconds, joy overflooded Charise’s chest for Dino had given the permission she needed to move closer to him. Charise immediately picked herself up and made a brave and risky move for a girl whose wounds are still pussing.

She gracefully treaded to Dino’s side and gently nudged his lean, black body. Dino grunted in mock complain. Charise nuzzled some more, enjoying her first touch, before lowering herself into a heap against his muscular back. They snuggled in this peaceful position for awhile, enjoying the pretense that Dino wasn’t bothered that a lanky babe was half-leaning on him now.

But this moment didn’t last long because after restraining herself for a week, Charise was desperate for more. She playfully tugged Dino’s sharp left ear with her teeth. She then tugged his neck, his right ear, then his left ear again.

Eventually, Dino fell for her tease. He got up and stared at her with a sweet, bemused look in his eyes. With this look, Charise knew Dino had surrendered himself over to her so she went ahead to stake her claim.

She wanted all of his body so she was gnawing his cheek, dragging her body against his body, clambering over his back, closing her jaws affectionately over his head, pulling him towards her as closely as possible and still it wasn’t enough.

Dino understood that Charise would not be easily satiated after craving for him for so long so he allowed her to completely consume him.

Thus, Dino and Charise fell, and remain, in love.